• [add] Turkish translation (tnx to mamunda)
  • [improve] Click on a push notification message open a window for see the complete message
  • [improve] update german translation (tnx to hawkeyexp)
  • [add] Push notification for send command to check new rom and send message to the rom's users (if you send check new rom command and there is not new version available no message is show. For test use send message if there is no new version available).
  • [add] updateme.lighttheme=1 or 1 for enable default light theme (only if user not have selected black theme in option
  • [add] Now with tag 1 in the check and parts files you can host your file on every host. when the user download the file, the browser is used for download the file, so you can use all host (rapidshare,fileshare,ecc)
  • [add]downloaddir parameter in the build.prop and DownloadDir in xml for set defauld download dir. If the user select a dir, this override this setting!
  • [add] add check if downloaded file size is correct, if not an error message is showed
  • [change] Now default folder is sdcard\UpdateMe (only on new installation or wipe cache)
  • [improve] update franch translation (tnx toel_liberator)
  • [improve] less memory and no data downloaded when disable rom auto-check is selected
  • [fix]little bug fix
  • [improve] some code clean
  • [improve] update translation
  • [add] add polish translation
  • [improve] now click on list element donwload file like disk image
  • [new] add dev-host support
  • [fix] fix some problem on load some xml.
  • [fix] show more line of text in element list.
  • [improve] some code clean
  • [improve] update german translation
  • [improve] update italian translation
  • [new] Installed apps and script tab can be hide by default by rom config and the option can be modified in settings by user
  • [improve] update french translation
  • [improve] little improvement in element layout
  • [new] Now is possible have more than one tag in config and build.prop, so you can split xml in more file in you want share with more rom :D
  • [new] Add images for element ( tag )
  • [new] Add thumbnail for element ( tag )
  • [improved] Improved element layout with button for downoad
  • [new] Manage installed apps
  • [new] Confirm dialog when download a file
  • [new]Progress bar on notification area when download a file
  • [new] add in tab element for set value for chmod after move file to Dest. Default is 0644
  • [new] tag for show the text in the message that this file need a full wipe
  • [new] if wipe if enabled a checkbox is showed in the dialog afterdownload a fileand if selected,when choose reboot and install , wipe operation is made
  • [new] on downloaded file now there is a checkbox for made a full wipe before install files
  • [new] checkbox for wipe when install downloaded files
  • [new] add French language
  • [new] add Korean language
  • [fix] fix bug when created scripts have empty fields.
  • [fix] correct file name on service like
  • [new] add script section for download script from the site [URL][/URL]
  • [new] add your custom script (saved on sdcard/update_me/my_script.xml)
  • [new] added spanish translation (tnx to Joaquín Padilla)
  • [new] share your rom info with your friends
  • [fix] fix some missing properties read from config
  • [fix] md5 url tag and md5 tag now work also in rom check
  • [improved] update german translation
  • [improved] update hebrew translation
  • [improved] show message on start info download
  • [improved] optimized data exchange
  • [fix] now all screen use light theme if selected
  • [fix] error on download on some server
  • [new] choose time between rom check
  • [new] disable rom check (not show alert notification of new rom)
  • [improved] reorganized settings section
  • [new] add advertise in settings page (please support the app!!)
  • [new] donate app remove ads in Update me and Update me Smartphone
ver 1.1.4
  • [new] support for 4ext
  • [new] now the user can choose reboot type in settings. Default is value in config
  • [new] inserted alternative url for md5 file for element
  • [new] inserted md5 of element in the xml file with tag
  • [fix] no more exception on wrong version format, but wrong formatted cannot be p****d so check work wrong. if you wan insert a message extra you must insert a version like 1.2.3. beta1
  • [new] Error message if no config available
  • [new] List of compatible roms with page link on config->compatible rom list
  • [fix] fix more bug on CWM and OSR (tnx to krarvind)
ver 1.1.3
  • [new] add filter for elements
  • [new] now the configuration can be stored in build.prop, the name are the same but lowercase updateme.version updateme.urlcheck updateme.urlelement updateme.useragent updateme.reboottype updateme.filter if use this delete update_me.xml or it override build.prop properties
  • [new][smartphone] available light theme
  • [new] added option to flip sdcart do emmc to cwm flash
  • [new] install multiple zip on recovery (go to config->downloaded files) (work only if single install work)
  • [fix][smartphone]when app is hide and reshow, it show the same page, also on download (dumraden bug)
ver 1.1.2
  • [new]new button on download for choose to install directly on recovery
the rom maker must add 1 to update_me.xml in /system for enable the button
  • [improved] update german translation
  • [fix][android>3] change title on small screen
  • [fix][smartphone] fix rotate
  • [fix] move app don't work if desc is empty
  • [fix] change donate text
ver 1.1.1
  • [new] now the version can be in format x.x.x.x
  • [new] show version number on all element
  • [new][smartphone] now image in tab are available in smartphone version
  • [new][android>3] option for choose light theme
  • [improved] rewritten more code, so is more easy to develop ;D
  • [fix] fix bug on xml p****r
ver 1.1.0
  • [new] Now is possible create your personal tab with name and icon
  • [new] The update_me logo image now can be a png
  • [new] Translation in Hebrew (tnx to firefds)
  • [fix] new the update_me logo is centered
  • [fix] rotate bug (now really!)
  • [improve] more icont (tnx to Flukzr)
ver 1.0.6
  • [new] Add ics icon style (tnx to Flukzr)
  • [new] The tags
0 0 now works also in rom
  • [new] add in app section for copy the downloaded app in a location like /system/app/ (es: /system/app/) (tnx to krarvind)
  • [fix] bug of not show logo image
  • [fix] On MDPI devices, the taskbar notification icon is blurry
  • [fix] rotate bug
ver 1.0.5
  • Added logo you must put the image to system/update_me.jpg
  • Bug fix
  • Check for new rom now on the rom section
  • Check for new rom now now show a wait dialog
  • Added wakelock when download a file
  • Update some icon
ver 1.0.4
  • bug fix
  • Show alert message when check rom in settings
ver 1.0.3
  • bug fix
  • support to sourceforge host
  • add app section for download apk and install directly
ver 1.0.2
  • bug fix
  • add cancel on download dialog
  • add german translation (tnx hawkeyexp)
ver. 1.0.1
  • fix bugs
  • new button in option for reboot in recovery
  • Added UserAgent field in update_me.xml for change userAgent
ver. 1.0.0
  • First version available


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    New home for update me

    I have create a site for this program for help all and add more service


    Download count.

    From now the program count more of


    over 100.000 for Update me

    over 40.000 for Update me SmartPhone

    tnx to all!!